Shenzhen Gozuk Co., Ltd - a Chinese based manufacturer specializes in electric motor control industrial manufacturing and sales, like low voltage variable frequency inverter (AC motor speed drive, frequency converter, vfd), servo drive etc. Our factory production lines integrated advanced self-motion machines, the AC drives (variable speed drive) are made under CE certificated standard.

Our AC drives (variable frequency drive, VFD) are the reliable drives with powerful functions, flexible control and excellent performance, can suitable for most kinds of applications and system integration. Like textile, multi pumps, fans, crane, city water supply, cnc machines and much more. Besides, we can manufacture customized AC drive inverter (motor speed controller) according to customer's special demand and requirements in different solutions.

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ac drive quality Quality

"quality reveal values" is the concept that running through r&d, manufacturing in our company to supply qualified frequency inverter ac drives and related accessories to global customers in energy saving industries.

VFD Service Service

3d综合版新彩票网 "serving first before earning" is the principle of our company's service, we offer first class service to local china & global customers, no matter you are our variable frequency agents/distributors/dealers or even end users.

Variable frequency drives applications Applications

Practical applications3d综合版新彩票网 of our variable frequency drives being used in injection molding machines, textile machines, CNC machines, constant pressure water supply and other electric motor speed control applications.

ac motor drives solutions Solutions

3d综合版新彩票网 not just supply finished variable frequency ac motor drives, we also customized vfds for special applications, and provide solutions in energy saving applications for global customers with our qualified inverter drives.

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